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Pan-Fried Roast Beef is an easy way to make roast beef with a smaller size of meat, actually the size of a steak.If you have the luxury of being able to obtain your medicine from a legal dispensary near you, you may have noticed the large selection of edibles that are beginning to overflow the shelves.There are 20 lessons, from how to boil water, to how to bake a cake and a pie.

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I visited her on a long weekend a little while back, to teach her some cooking basics.

The simplest preparation method has been presented for the benefit of the novice home chef.

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Pozole Rojo is typically served with pork and relies on a longer simmer in a red sauce made from dried chilis.Since 1992, Peggy Markel has traversed the Mediterranean and North Africa, from Elban fishing villages and Moroccan markets to the homes of Tuscan artisans and chefs, furthering her own exploration of culture and cuisine.With help from celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, Stanford University is launching a cooking program to teach students the basics of choosing groceries, cooking and eating healthfully.

For some of us Rebels, a grocery store is a lot like a video game dungeon.

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A LA CARTE: Term indicating that every item on a menu is priced separately.Braising is a cooking technique that involves the long, slow application of moist heat at a low temperature, which has the marvelous effect of breaking down tough cuts of meat and turning them meltingly tender and succulent, while transforming the juices from that meat into a rich, flavorful sauce.

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Using quality ingredients, such as Philadelphia Cream Cheese, is the first factor to making a flavourful cheesecake with a perfect creamy texture.

AL DENTE: Term used to describe pasta, rice or vegetables that are cooked just to the point where they still offer.Learn healthy cooking tips, techniques, and essential ingredients, including how-to cooking guides and video step-by-step instructions.

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But it can seem like an eternity waiting for the water to boil.

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Since this is a 101 course, the recipes are intentionally uncomplicated.Cut cream cheese into cubes for faster softening and easier mixing.If you wash your meat before cooking, make sure to blot it with paper towels until dry.

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Good Morning, Our Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes are not precooked before shipment.

When most recipes are geared toward families of 4 it can be hard to use up all the ingredients we purchase before they go bad.During a busy day, it can be challenging to cook three nutritious meals plus snacks from scratch.Many of the people who come to Plant Based on a Budget are very new to cooking from scratch.They are made fresh the morning of the shipment and then shipped in a box with gel packs.Every cook has a toolbox of different techniques, little touches and sneaky tips they pick up along the way.