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There are around 180 different types of chameleons and they vary in size, color, and appearance.

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The Cape dwarf chameleon (Bradypodion pumilum) is a chameleon native to the South African province of the Western Cape, where it is restricted to the region around Cape Town.

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Chameleon Paradise breeds and sales high quality panther chameleons.

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We breed both panther and veiled chameleons as well as set up tanks for the clients.

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They should be put in a cage with a lot of foliage to climb and to provide privacy.

Veiled chameleons enjoy exploring a densely planted territory and will often stop to take a bite out of a nearby leaf.Our chameleons for sale come with the best health and satisfaction guarantee of any chameleon breeder.Even though there are many types of chameleons only a few are readily available as pets.

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Most people feed their chameleons a regular diet of crickets, which can usually be bought from wherever you purchased your chameleon in varied sizes.

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The climate is arid, but the habitat is the greenest part of the Arabian Peninsula, and these chameleons usually are found near a water source. behavior The veiled chameleon is considered very aggressive and defensive toward members of its species (conspecifics) and humans.We have built a strong network to make sure that we get the best quality animals and offer them for the lowest possible price.In fact, you could even start on this after you have decided to buy a chameleon.

Chameleons grow quickly, In fact, you could even start on this after you have decided to buy a chameleon.

Captive Bred Veiled Chameleon For Sale - All Our Reptiles Are Bred In Our Facility And We Produce Top Quality Reptiles.

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There are various types of enclosures on the market that can be used to house chameleons.Panther Chameleon color morphs, better known as panther cham locales addresses the many varieties of panther chameleon for sale.

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Chameleons are insectivorous and will do quite well with insects that you should be able to purchase from local pet stores.

Owners should not forget to get a special bulb and a humidity sprayer for the vivarium.The Carpet chameleon is a very popular species of chameleon found in Madagascar.He drinks water drops from tree branches, and misting his habitat provides him water to drink and helps maintain the ideal humidity level between 60 percent and 80 percent.The Dragon Strand Nursery Cage System was the first commercially available caging system specifically designed for raising baby chameleons; The Dragon Strand ClearSide Enclosure line gives arboreal reptile keepers the visibility of glass at a fraction of the weight!...These animals spend their lives in the trees and should, therefore, be provided with a habitat that would be more suited to a parrot than a salamander.

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You can buy a temperature regulator from any reptile pet shop.